Wiesenmühle Restaurant Haxen Küche

Menu for Tour Groups

Travelling & Eating

To make the organization of catering easier for the bus drivers and the tour guides, we offer a menu with 9 dishes to our tour groups. The menu consists of German cuisine, international specialities and vegetarian dishes.

Download the Group Menu and Information


Group Menu, it’s as easy as this...


  • Please make your reservations early enough by telephone at our reception (number of guests, arrival and departure).
  • Download the print version of the group menu.
  • Print out the menu for every member of your group.
  • Please have your guests fill out this menu as early as possible.
  • Please let us know at least 3 hours before your arrival what your guests would like to eat. The earlier, the better! (Because we are very busy during the summer time, our kitchen staff needs sufficient time to prepare).

Our ladies at the reception will be happy to provide you with more information,
if necessary.


When your guests have arrived, they will be served in a quick and friendly manner. Because the menu has been announced in advance, the kitchen staff will be able to prepare the food on time (approx. 15 minutes, exceptions possible).

Please let us know when you only have little time, or when your arrival is delayed.

Settling the Bill

  • Settling the bill individually:
    In the brewery, the food and drinks are paid for separately due to two separate cash registers. In the restaurant, food and drinks can be paid together.
  • Settling the bill for the entire group:
    The bus driver or tour guide pays the entire bill (meals and beverages) for the entire group
  • One group bill for the food, drinks paid individually:
    The bus driver or tour guide pays for all the meals, but the drinks are paid for separately by the guests

Free of charge

The bus driver receives his meal and drinks for free. With groups consisting of 50 or more guests, the tour guide will receive his or her meal and drinks free of charge as well. When the entire bill is paid for in cash by one person, groups consisting of 50 people or more will receive one meal for free.


Short Summary:

  • German cuisine
  • International specialties
  • very experienced with tour groups
  • menu for tour groups
  • rustic atmosphere
  • largest water wheel in Europe
  • Restaurant (80 seats)
  • Brew House(180 seats)
  • Terrace (80-100 seats)
  • Beer garden (approx. 500 seats)
  • 300m away from Dom cathedral
  • near to city center
  • situated directly on the banks of the Fulda river