Wiesenmühlenbier gute Küche freundlicher Service Wiesenmühle


Being a brewery that strives to have guests not only visit and enjoy our brewery, but also experience it, it is the task of all employees and its management team to impress our guests with excellent beer, good food and skilful, friendly service. Our down-to-earth ways and the rustic atmosphere of the building will make sure that our guests will be able to have a great time.

Because with us at the Wiesenmühle, the essentials are important: drinking and eating together, having fun – all in rustic surroundings. And when the sun is out, in the beer garden along the river Fulda.


Our main pillars being brewery, brew house, restaurant, hotel and conference, we strive to offer reliable service, now and in the future. In addition, by moving with the times, we will always aim to enthuse our guests with new ideas.