Brauereiführung Hopfenernte Wiesenmühlenbier Braukessel


Beer is such an integral part of German culture, and our famous brewery has a story.It is a story of german spirit, craftsmanship, and tradition. It‘s a sort of challenges, tenacity, and unwavering dedication to highest standards of quality.

Our beer is brewed throughout the day in strict accordance to the "German Beer Purity Law", and using a traditional process that involves creative but simple brewing recipes. To perfect our beer, we use a late malt extract that derives from our region, and use a hop variety to enhance our flavor. As for our season Wiesenmühlen Pils, we use our own homegrown hop.

We have live performances with bands playing between the kettles at the beer keg tapping and our brewing kettles are located directly next to the brewery counter allowing our guests to witness first hand the brewing process. Our goal is to develop the highest quality beer for our guests that is reflective of our German craft brewing culture.